This project was made for InterContinental Barcelona. The final product is an ode to the community surrounding the hotel, with subtle nods to maps, tile patterns, Gaudi building forms, and Miro and Picasso influences. As Grand Image's Lead Digital Artist and Content Manager, I was responsible for overseeing all of the digital artworks made by my team of four, in addition to creating some myself. Prior to production, I quoted all commission projects by estimating project hours, address any technical issues, determine budgetary constraints and project scope.

Our client Veitenheimer sourced existing Grand Image artwork that fit the design brief. Together with IHG, we worked to customize the images’ colors and proportions for a unique final product that honored the wishes of the customer. Earth tones compliment playful pops of blue while hints of gold gleam in the details. Designed by Veitenheimer and IHG.

These were made while I was the Lead Digital Artist and Content Manager at Grand Image from 2020-2022 under the art direction of Kate Maass, Art Director at Grand Image. All works were created by me unless otherwise stated.